Access Control

Having control over who has physical access to your facility is crucial to your establishment’s safety and security. Having effective access control systems is one of the most steadfast ways to fortify the security and protection of your business, property, company information, and people. Orion Security Specialists, Inc. can install control solutions that allow people with the right access to get to where they need to be, while also preventing unauthorized access to restricted areas. Entry points may be doors, turnstiles, parking gates or other barriers.

We fully understand that you need to regulate movement throughout your facility, but it can be challenging to track who’s been in and out of your building without the help of technology. Access control systems provided by Orion give you a detailed audit trail and documentation of who was in specific parts of your facility, including when. In addition, the access cards to our latest wireless technology solutions or high-security biometric can be reprogrammed as needed.

The Access Control System Possibilities are Endless

Our team of security experts have extensive experience in managing access control systems for businesses in diverse industries. With state-of-the-art technologies from leading manufacturers, installed by our adept security technicians — your system will be both efficient and manageable to ensure the fluidity of people throughout your facility while providing the security your business needs.

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